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" I loved it!  The stories are so very warm, personal and honest.  I felt like I was included and participating in them...  nice."  D.S.   



Minnie Kansman

Feng Shui Consultant

Portland, MI


"Spirit Gardens: Rekindling our Nature Connection"

Of all the gardeners I have met through my classes and in life, there is always one thing that definitely unites us;  passion.  We are all passionate about witnessing the power of creation, of watching things grow.  Some may feel God-like in the part they play in this unfoldment, while others are more content to just sit back and delight in the secrets as God reveals them.

This book is about my passion and the energy that I feel from being in an intimate relationship with the earth through the vehicle of gardening.  I bring to this process an experienced eye from my profession as a master Feng Shui consultant and teacher. 


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 Working with the Chi or Life Force found in a garden, I teach others how to recognize its patterns, as well as how to regulate and guide its flow.  Through this book, I share my understanding of the medicinal herbs I use daily and harvest from the land I live on.  I also teach through sacred rituals and prayers how to honor the earth and the gifts she offers us so freely. 


Personal stories and experiences grab the readers’ attention and have them wondering if there is something more they could be doing in their own gardens and with their own families.  Wisdom gained from true heart experiences fill the pages of this book.  "Spirit Gardens: Rekindling our Nature Connection" touches readers in a straightforward way that lifts them up to the unique vantage point of seeing a garden in its entirety.   From Feng Shui to composting, from burying crystals during the Spring Equinox to beneficial insects, I weave the practical with the magical to inspire others to create the gardens of their dreams. 


Gardens that touch that place of spiritual fulfillment we so longingly wish to pour our love into.  Gardens that truly heal and nourish us deep within our souls.  


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